Delores Leggett Walker, Author, Published.

Go to to order her first of three books which will make up her Promise Series. The genre is Christian Mystery, and takes place in North Florida, Central Georgia, and draws us into the Civil War era while moving through the present.  Her characters are loving family members and friends who follow a mysterious trail among tombstones and old homesteads.  I quote from the back cover: “It’s common during the reading of a will to find out you have inherited things left to you by your relative ; jewelry, old letters, clothing, even old toys and household items from long ago. But can you imagine finding out that a small key you accidentally found after their death unlocks a Legend of Promise that has been guarded for nearly two centuries?  And consider your surprise at being given a letter with a cryptic message that will give you clues you need to understand the Legend.” At, type Delores Leggett Walker and her book, “Legend of Promise'” will be presented to you.  Order it, read it and then, please, go back on and leave your rating.  Book #2 in the Promise Series is in production and the plan is to have it published before very soon.  Get “Legend of Promise’ so you will be up to speed for “Gathering Promises”. Book #3, “Promises Kept”, is on the drawing board. Follow Delores at http://www.facebook/promiseseries.

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